Sedation Options

Many people are fearful of dental appointments, which may stem from bad experiences in the past, or phobias towards doctors. These fears can become barriers between you and the care you need to keep your teeth in optimal oral health.

Knowing there are ways to minimize the anxiety of dental care can help people muster the courage to keep their dental appointments. Signature Dental in Murrieta offers several sedation options to help you face your fears, as Dr. Ilien Minter, Dr. Mark Phillipe, and their caring team provide you with safe, gentle, and outstanding dental care.

Calm Your Fears and Nerves with Sedation Options

Signature Dental offers three sedation methods to keep you calm and carefree during dental appointments:

  • IV Sedation is offered at Signature Dental. This intravenous treatment will immediately put you to sleep throughout treatment. You will wake up feeling refreshed and with no memory of the procedure. Signature Dental partners with a trusted local anesthesiologist to perform this service. You will be required to find transportation to and from your appointment when receiving IV sedation, as its effects can linger for several hours after treatment has ended.
  • Oral Sedation is a popular option and allows you to avoid needles. About an hour before your appointment, a sedative is taken which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. You will be cognizant of your surroundings, but unstressed by them. This medication lasts for about six hours, so you must find transportation to and from your dental appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, puts you into a euphoric state, curbing your sensitivities to your surroundings. To apply nitrous oxide, a mask is placed over your nose, and you inhale the gas. Once the mask is removed, you quickly return to normal. You can safely drive yourself to and from appointments with this treatment.

Don’t let anxiety stand between you and the care you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Give us a call at Signature Dental in Murrieta. We hope the sedation options we provide the help you put your trust in our quality services and compassionate care. Dr. Ilien Minter, Dr. Mark Phillipe, and their dental colleagues look forward to helping you achieve a smile that shines beautifully, radiates health, and functions optimally.