Complete Health Dentistry

Complete Health Dentistry

When it comes to dentistry, a good dentist knows that your mouth is only one part of a greater whole. At Signature Dental Care, we take a broader view, studying how our patients’ dental health affects and is affected by their overall wellbeing. Dr. Minter and Dr. Phillipe treat each patient with care and compassion, using their skills to meet the individual needs of the patient.

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In-Depth Exams and Treatments

Signature Dental Care utilizes a variety of high-end equipment to monitor patient health and ensure they receive the care they need. Our CBCT scanner goes beyond traditional x-rays to create a 3D digital image of our patient’s teeth, jaw, and throat structure. With this, we can see how each area impacts the others, and deal with dental issues more effectively.

Our practice uses a cavity finding camera that helps us to accurately detect and deal with tooth decay at an early stage. If found quickly, it is even possible to treat cavities with remineralization and preserve the tooth without the need of a filling.

We go the extra mile for patients with oral cancer screenings performed at every exam. Our technology allows us to detect cancerous cells without a biopsy, protecting patient health with maximum comfort and safety.

Dentistry for Patients with Unique Care Needs

At Signature Dental Care, we believe that dental treatment should not be limited to ‘model patients’. Our door is open to patients of all types, even those with particular care needs. Providing blood sugar monitoring for diabetic patients is simply one of the many ways we can assist patients with their overall individual care.

We have the training, skill, and equipment necessary to deal with a variety of dental needs, including:

  • Diabetics
  • Patients prone to seizures
  • Patients with special needs

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The Partnership Between Patient and Dentist

Our team knows that exceptional dental care is only part of the equation in guaranteeing optimal dental health. We spend time making sure patients know and understand the details of their health state, what their treatment options are, and what they can do to preserve their dentition for the future.

When dentists fail to educate patients, they often find themselves playing catch-up as they move from one dental crisis to the next. We help patients to be proactive about their dental health and create an effective strategy for countering health risk before they cause problems.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Murrieta

At Signature Dental Care, we believe that a great dental visit combines quality dentistry with an enriching patient experience. We make every effort to provide an environment that is welcoming, relaxing, and comforting in every respect. Murrieta residents need look no further for their new dental home.